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The Salon Blueprint | 55% Discount

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In this course, we go through everything from:⁠

  • How to create your dream culture⁠
  • How to organize your day and schedule ⁠
  • What a policy and procedure handbook looks like ⁠
  • How to organize your banking to set up for profit ⁠
  • How to find your price per client⁠
  • How to make a proper price list that reflects your costs ⁠

...and much more! If you're ready to level up to become the boss of your dreams, you won't want to miss out on this one.



If you are new to owning your owning a salon or studio or have had one for awhile or maybe you’re thinking about owning and opening your own space. Then you’re in the right course for you.

If you struggle with:

  • Clarity and direction
  • Creating a culture that is reflective of who you are and what you want to achieve
  • Getting organized and having all the the pieces to your business for when you are ready to hire, train and operate your business.
  • With knowing your numbers and understanding what it costs you to operate your salon so you can be profitable.
  • Understanding leadership and having compassionate constructive conversations

Then this is the course for you. After reflecting on all the things we struggled with we knew that we wanted to share with others everything we learned and implemented in the last 10yrs of owning our own salon. This blueprint essentially is what has lead us to continuous growth, staff retention, financial abundance and time and freedom to create new passionate projects. We have invested over $50,000 in business coaching, life coaching, culture coaching. You name it we have learned it, and its all being taught in this course, The salon Blueprint.

We will cover everything from..

  • How to create your dream culture
  • How to organize your day and schedule
  • What does a policy and procedure handbook look like
  • How to organize your banking to set up for profit
  • How to find your price per client
  • How to make a proper price list that reflects your costs
  • What type of pay structure works best for your studio
  • How to be a progressive leader and lead with compassion
  • What does a employee contract look like
  • What type of HR do I need to know

And more..

You will have access to 4 important pillars to success

Pillar 1: Self Discovery and Crafting your Salon culture
Pillar 2: Lets get organized
Pillar 3: Know your numbers 
Pillar 4: Leadership

Bonus lessons:

  • How to create the ultimate customer experience
  • What is Salon scale and how to incorporate it into your business
  • Conscious consults

Downloadable workbooks

To guide you along the way in each pillar


Additional Links

Spreadsheet To Success

Setting Up Your Google Cal

Your mentors:

Sonia and Jody salon owners and creative entrepreneurs, have spent the last ten years learning and growing their salon business to reflect financial abundance, a dream culture that creates staff retention and have become compassion leaders who use mindfulness based practices to lead their team. Now they are sharing their knowledge with you through The Salon Blueprint.

The Salon Blueprint | 55% Discount Your Stylist Toolbox

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Instructor: Sonia

Co-Founder, Elevated Stylist

About: Sonia brings an element of freedom to her cutting techniques, they are designed to open your mind and explore the status quo. She's also an advocate of a healthy mind body and spirit and brings forth these aspects in each of her classes.

Instructor: Jody

Co-Founder, Elevated Stylist

About: Meet Jody Kezar a.k.a @glossy_hues. She's one of the co-founders of Elevated Stylist and a colour master with over 15 years of experience. One of her true passions is educating and sharing her joy for colouring and her passion for mindfulness.

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