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Soft Blunt Lob

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Often times we see haircuts roaming around on Pinterest and Instagram done by stylists all around the world, but we don’t know how to execute them! In this class, Sonia will guide you on creating texture in the hair, and shaping a stunning bob using dry cutting.

In this class, you will also learn:

  • How to create texture throughout the hair
  • How to create a lived-in look
  • How to shape a fringe dry
  • How to style in some amazing texture
  • Tips and tricks on finger positioning
  • A BONUS PDF on having incredible consults with your clients

This technique is done on already blow-dried hair, and placed in simple sections to help create a beautiful modern look for your guest. This will be the final video in her bob series!

Soft Blunt Lob Your Stylist Toolbox

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Instructor: Sonia

Co-Founder, Elevated Stylist

About: Sonia brings an element of freedom to her cutting techniques, they are designed to open your mind and explore the status quo. She's also an advocate of a healthy mind body and spirit and brings forth these aspects in each of her classes.

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