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How To Become A Retail Guru


In this class, our co-founder Sonia Yarkhani will guide you on how to introduce products into your salon and appointments that are valuable to both you and your guests!

This custom course also includes:

  • Why retailing is important for your business
  • Sonia's methods on growing in this space in a comfortable way that suits your work environment
  • Key components to recommending products for your guests
  • The 3 keys to success in retailing!
  • A BONUS PDF on having incredible consults with your clients

Sonia discovered unique spaces within her appointments with guests that allowed her to offer genuine insight on the products that are right for them! This course is the perfect way to elevate your revenue through products and the confidence you have when recommending products to your guests.

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Instructor: Sonia

Co-Founder, Elevated Stylist

About: Sonia brings an element of freedom to her cutting techniques, they are designed to open your mind and explore the status quo. She's also an advocate of a healthy mind body and spirit and brings forth these aspects in each of her classes.