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Extreme Root Touch Up

19.99 USD

In this class, Jody will share her expertise on how to properly evaluate a client's needs, give them the blonde of their dreams, and transform their roots.

This custom course also includes:

  • How to cover 3-5” grow out
  • How to soften harsh lines of demarcation
  • How to properly lowlight and balance our blonde guests
  • How to use different placements instead of the traditional top Mohawk section
  • A BONUS PDF on having incredible consults with your clients

Jody's technique will help you leave heavy lines of demarcation behind so all of your guests can leave their first touch up with you feeling amazing!

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Instructor: Jody

Co-Founder, Elevated Stylist

About: Meet Jody Kezar a.k.a @glossy_hues. She's one of the co-founders of Elevated Stylist and a colour master with over 15 years of experience. One of her true passions is educating and sharing her joy for colouring and her passion for mindfulness.

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