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At Elevated Stylist, we believe in creating an intentional space and community for stylists and salon owners to thrive through mindfulness, wellness, education, and self-care.

Why is that?

Because the elevation of the salon industry is more than just a business for us. We feel that investing in our craft and happiness is the best investment we can make for ourselves.

  • Here’s what we collectively believe…
  • We believe hairstylists are superheroes.
  • We believe the joy factor matters.
  • We believe self-love comes first.
  • We believe in thinking outside the box, not doing what everyone else does.
  • We believe in honouring self-care as a performance-enhancing tool.
  • We believe mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety.
  • We believe bringing people together raises vibrations.
  • We believe investing in ourselves elevates success.
  • We believe great education should make you think & inspire you to work differently.
  • We believe in inclusive environments.
  • We believe in connecting on an emotional level.
  • We believe in collaboration over competition.
  • We believe in speaking the truth about what’s happening in our industry.
  • We believe in cheering on our peers & hyping them up.
  • We believe you can have fun while making money.
  • We believe you deserve to make a great living.
  • We believe in working smarter, not harder.
  • We believe in prioritizing mental, emotional, and physical health.
  • We believe a morning routine is essential for a successful day.
  • We believe in living what we teach and leading by example.
  • We believe in empowering others to live a life filled with JOY.
  • We believe every little detail counts.
  • We believe in celebrating small wins.
  • We believe rest is productive.
  • We believe in working with people who share the same vision.
  • We believe putting yourself first isn’t selfish.
  • We believe your health is your wealth.


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