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Hey! It’s me Jody one of the co-founders of Elevated Stylist.

Earlier this year was a super difficult time for me. I felt so much frustration and anger, which I knew very well that it was just tremendous sadness and stress for all that was going on around the world, especially Ontario . I knew that I needed to channel all this crazy energy into something positive and up-lifting. I knew staying in this state of anger would only lead me to toxic, negative thoughts and actions.

At the time I was reading a book called “ Finding your WHY” by Simon Sinek. This book really spoke to me and one day in a meditation it came to me. I love being a hairstylist, I love the chat, I love the craft, I love the people that I work with and the guests that have supported us over the years, I love how creative it is. So many things came out of my “WHY” that brought my joy, love and happiness that I wanted to spread this message and give other stylists a platform to reflect and find their “WHY” and bring them a reminder of how much they love doing hair and being apart of this amazing industry we all call home.

So I started conducting hour long zoom interviews with more than 30 stylists from all over. we laughed, we cried, we shared some amazing stories. Hearing everyone's stories brought such a powerful light of positivity and love that we decided to make a short film to share with the world.

I asked my friend and college Ryan ( who is also a kick ass stylist) if he would partner up with me to work on it. He is a wiz at video editing and has such a creative mind, I was so lucky to have him come on board. We have had so much fun planning and editing this video and we can't wait to share it.

We can't wait to spread this special message of love and positivity to the industry and a little reminder that we are all essential and important.

A special thanks to my buddy Ryan Collins @colourfulryan for always being there and going on all these crazy rides with me.


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