Here's Why

A series of mini videos on various topics that are common concerns or growth opportunities within the industry.

Here's Why Staff Meetings are Important

The first episode of here's why is here! Learn more on why staff meetings can set the tone for your salon on a monthly basis.

Here's Why You Should be Doing Less to Earn More

Learn more on how you can build strategies that will help you work smarter, not harder! Leaving room for space to focus on other opportunities.

Here's Why Gratitude is Important

Learn more on how to properly listen and understand your own form of gratitude, and how it can help you manifest a stronger outcome.

Here's Why Setting a Morning Routine is Important

Learn more on how a morning routine can set the tone for your whole day, and why it's the ultimate way to indulge in self-love!

Here's Why Policies & Procedures are Important

Creating strong policies and procedures will help guide your entire team so everyone is on the same page, making your salon more successful! Learn more on why this is so important when you get started.

Here's Why Self Reflection is Important

Self-reflection can allow you to take a step back and see what you need to do in order to move forward in your career. Learn more from our founders!

Here's Why Expanding Your Mindset is Important

Expanding your mindset can be vague, but Jody and Sonia have great tips on how to do so in a way that will elevate your creativity and business skills.

Here's Why Training Your Front Desk Staff is Important

Your front desk team is your first impression, so training your team to set the tone you have in mind for every guest will make it easy for them to get comfortable in their role.

Here's Why We Went Out on Our Own

Feeling undervalued and trapped in not uncommon as a creative, and our founders made the jump a while back so they could create the environment they knew they needed!

Here's Why Being Transparent with Staff is Important

Creating transparency for your staff allows for honest relationships to build in your salon. Keep the gossip at the door and empower your staff to speak freely!

Here's Why Retail Can Be a Struggle

Boosting your retail sales can be difficult as the fear of rejection can get in the way. Learn how to overcome and implement strategies that will allow you to sell naturally.

Here's Why You Should Raise Your Prices

Raising your prices is necessary, but make sure you offer value to your guests when you do. You want them to understand why they are paying more, and know that it's worth it!

Here's Why You Should Raise Leaders

Raising leaders means you can walk away from your salon knowing that your entire team can handle your business. Empower them all to lead and make important decisions so you can focus on growing your business.

The Elevated Stylist Membership for Business

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