Wellness Resources for Stylists

A variety of tutorials and workshops designed to help develop your mindset for success, reduce workplace stress, create balance, and nourish your body so you can continue to thrive in and out of the salon.

Mindset and Body

Elevated Morning Yoga

Start your day with this yoga flow designed to lift your mood and prime your body for the day.

5 Keys to Emotional Wellness

In this Video You will learn 5 keys components and why they are necessary for continued emotional wellness. 

How to Start Meditating

In this video you will learn 6 tips on how you can start a meditation practice that will help ease your mind, create peace and calm in your daily life.

Morning Power Flow Yoga

This yoga flow routine is designed to give you some much needed energy for you to feel strong and resilient throughout your day.

Guided Meditation: Grounding

This mediation if designed to help you ground and gain access to the present moment. 


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