Elevated Stylist Retreat 2022 FAQs

What do tickets cost? 

Check out the ticket page to get an overview of your ticket options.


What should I expect at the Elevated stylist retreat? 

At the Elevated Stylist retreat you can expect nothing but the best. This luxurious experience will have you feeling recharged and relaxed by the end of the weekend. Learning from some of the best educators in the industry, Keynote speakers to inspire and challenge you, A private Luxurious room all to yourself or shared with your bestie. A beautiful country setting to unplug, relax and be rejuvenated. There will be delicious, healthy meals and snacks provided each and every day as well as coffee teas and nighttime snacks. You can expect yoga meditation and breath work every morning as well as mind blowing workshops that will have you elevating your craft and mind in no time!!!!


Where does the retreat take place?

The retreat will be held 90 minutes outside of Toronto at a beautiful luxurious resort Mount Alverno.20706 heart lake rd. Caledon village. ON. L7K 2A2


Is transportation included?

No, transportation is not included. Uber or a taxi can take you right to the front door of the resort . 20706 heart lake rd. Caledon village. ON. L7K 2A2


If I arrive early, where do I stay?

There are many beautiful hotels in Toronto. Air bnb is also a great option!!


How is the food?

The food is outstanding! Every meal will be healthy and full of nutrients. There will be many options for any food or dietary restrictions. Please let us know of any allergies or food restrictions upon booking your ticket.


Will there be alcohol at this event?

Yes, although our focus is not to have a party weekend, celebration is at the heart of our experience so there will be wine and cocktails available at dinner.


Is the Elevated Stylist retreat tax deductible ?

Yes. Ask your accountant to explain how you can write off the weekend.


What is the refund and covid policy ?

COVID-19 information.


Can I bring my own food?

While there is no need for you to bring your own food at the retreat, since all meals and snacks are provided, you can pack snacks if you’d like.


Can I smoke at the retreat?

Mount Alverno is a beautiful setting that is surrounded by well-maintained grounds and nature. We’d like to keep it that way, so we ask that you only smoke in the designated smoking areas.

*Elevated Stylist has a zero drug policy*.


What Should I pack for the weekend ?

Don't worry we got you, click here to download out packing check list