Elevated Stylist Membership

Are you ready to elevate your career?

Join an inclusive membership designed specifically for hair stylists and salon owners.

The hair industry gives us so much...

If you ask us, the hair industry is the best business in the world--that's why we do what we do!

But just like any career, the hair business is a business. But unfortunately, we were never taught the business side of things in hair school.

This can leave us feeling super alone and embarrassed to ask for help...We totally get it!!! We were exactly where you were!

We had no freakin' clue how to make the most behind our chairs, run our salon, and take care of ourselves at the same time. We were burnt out, exhausted, and honestly defeated. Our mission is to share all the amazing business, health, and wellness tools that we have invested in over the years.

Learning together in these mastermind workshops and trainings will be fun and valuable. Let's face it, coming together feels good and spreads insane vibrational energy.

The Elevated Stylist Membership program gives you a place where you can network with like-minded people, find the inspiration you need, and get the tools you want. You'll see the path to making more money while enjoying the work/life balance you've always dreamed about!

Everything you need is included in your membership!

In this membership, you will get...

  • An all-access pass to our premium online education.
  • One monthly training, either as a live webinar or a pre-recorded class or a workshop. 
  • Monthly Facebook 15-minute live sharing circle.
  • First to know about all of our retreats and early bird tickets, including special offers.
  • Exclusive offers to our guest speakers and educator's workshops.
  • Mindset and life-changing teachings and resources.
  •  Supporting you to upgrade your life and bring more happiness and joy.

Welcome to the Elevated Membership.

Are you ready to elevate your career?


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Access to Courses
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$22.22 / MONTH
Membership renews automatically every month; cancel anytime.

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12 Month Prepay

Save $44/year
Full Membership
Access to Courses
Group Access

$222.22 / YEAR
Membership renews automatically every year; cancel anytime.

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