Behind the Hearts

Co-founders Sonia Yarkhani and Jody Kezar, owners of Evolve Salon in Toronto are successful young entrepreneurs who have a passion for connection, a thirst for knowledge and live by their core value of balance, gratitude and mindfulness by not only incorporating this into their lives but also their salon environment.

 With a combined 30 years in the salon industry, Sonia and Jody realized there was a lack of wellness and mindfulness in the hair industry. 

Day after day, salon professionals are putting out energy while they take care of their guests, on their feet for long hours, and often left with little time to recharge and replenish their mind, body and souls. This realisation is what birthed the concept of Elevated Stylist Retreat, a weekend retreat just for hairstylists to come together away from the noise of the salon so they can fully immerse themselves in a learning environment, surrounded by some of the industry’s top educators. 

They wanted what Elevated Stylist was all about to be available for more than just those who attended their retreats. So, in 2020 they launched Elevated Education an online platform where they share their expertise in haircolouring, haircutting, salon ownership, team culture, mindfulness and wellness.

These ladies have a deep passion for helping stylist and salon owners bring in more balance and joy while elevating themselves and their lives to new levels.



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